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 Self portrait | Rori!

Self portrait | Rori!

All art tells a story, the best art spins an unforgettable tale.

I am a designer, cartoonist and illustrator from St. Louis. An advocate of the power of symbols and narrative, I take a storyteller's approach to my art. In my creative process, clear communication is top priority. My praxis involves thoughtful observation and study of visual elements. It is through the deft application of these elements that I ensure each work's unique story is successfully spun (but not spun out).

I am the author of several comics, including the autobiographical Tiny Pink Robots, and the creator and illustrator of the series 100Days100Women. I received my BFA from Columbia College Chicago, where I studied comics under the tutelage of Ivan Brunetti. I'm proud to have founded the comics-centered group Madames des Comiques. Along with my continuing illustration series Femme Obscura, I'm developing a series of projects focusing on adventurous and influential women in both fiction and history. I am the co-founder of Giant Kitten Head.

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